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CheckWise is an ideal resource for your agency and your clients:

  • If your clients need a checking account, or a need a second chance at opening one
  • If your clients struggle to manage their checking account and keep it balanced
  • If your clients need help understanding why a checking account is preferable to check-cashing services, payday loans and other alternative financial services.

CheckWise online can be automated so your agency can offer it effortlessly.

Once you have it set up, it can run entirely unassisted.  Your clients can register, pay, take the course and print their own completion certificates. Clients can take the CheckWise course on their smartphones, tablets or PCs, anytime and anywhere that fits their schedules.

Build relationships with local financial institutions.  

After a client completes CheckWise, his or her name and the date of completion are entered into a national database.  The client’s financial institution can access the database to verify that the client has completed CheckWise before making a decision about an account.  The result:  Your agency can provide financial institutions with new customers who know how to manage their accounts responsibly and are motivated to do so. 

Build relationships with courts and correctional systems.

Offer CheckWise to the court systems and correctional systems for clients who have a history of writing non-sufficient funds checks. The court system can verify clients’ completion of CheckWise through our national database. 

A unique tracking system gives your agency easy access to useful data and reports.

  • Collect and review student demographics and pre- and post-test results.  This data is useful when applying for grant support for CheckWise.  A “success report” will indicate which of your partnering financial institutions have considered opening an account for your students.
  • Fee tracking allows your agency to see what percentage of CheckWise students have paid full fees for the course, as compared to those who have had fees discounted or waived.
  • All reports can be downloaded to Excel.

What your clients will learn

CheckWise is the how-to manual for checking account users. It’s the most comprehensive yet basic checking account course available. Your clients will learn how to choose a financial institution, use online banking and reconcile an account responsibly. Hands-on activities let them practice the skills they’ve learned. CheckWise is a good fit for your clients who have never had an account before or those who have had difficulty managing an account in the past.

CheckWise Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Developing a Relationship with a Financial Institution
Chapter 2 - Choosing and Opening a Checking Account
Chapter 3 - Checks and Electronic Payments
Chapter 4 - Maintaining and Reconciling Your Checkbook
Chapter 5 - Tools and Tips to Help You Manager Your Account
Chapter 6 - Protecting Your Checking Account and You
Appendix - Chapter Activities

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